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Custom quality home builder and unlimited licensed contractor serving the western NC region since 1988! Contact Mac Brown Construction, LLC to discuss your project! We can assist you with your “Dream Home” project from the design all the way to the finished project! Swain County is one of the largest recreation areas in the East! It is no wonder that so many folks look to Swain County for the simplistic lifestyle with endless outdoor opportunities!

Let us share with you some state of the art Green Building methods to provide you with a very high rated structural envelope for your project! These savings usually involve thicker wall plates, frost proof footings, radiant floors, and foam insulation throughout the home.

A slightly larger investment upfront will lead to huge energy savings in only a few short years! It is shocking that so many folks do not even consider these very important aspects when designing their “Dream Home”. These methods all lead to making the entire home more comfortable when occupied as well!

Custom Fixtures to Make Your House a Home!

We offer many custom fixtures as well which are very inexpensive upfront but very functional for making your house feel more like “home”! These include things like towel warmers made of copper in all of the bathrooms where the radiant floors keep the whole house very comfortable! As I update this post for the new 2018 year the temps outside are around five degrees. We do get cold through the winter months!

There are so many houses thrown together in this part of the country with horror stories of leaky basements and foundations, huge air infiltration issues, water lines that freeze, and the list gets long in a hurry! All of these issues are caused by careless builders choosing speed over quality! I look forward to discussing your project with you!

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