Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder of Energy Efficient Homes by Mac Brown Construction, LLC

Custom home builder, Mac Brown Construction, LLC is a licensed General Contractor based in Bryson City, NC. We have an unlimited license for all project sizes. Let us assist you with your “Dream Home” project from the designing phases to completion. Custom home builder gallery for energy-efficient homes by Mac Brown Construction serving the Bryson City, NC area since 1988.

Mac Brown Construction encourages the use of Green Building practices for your dream home. A tighter structural envelope equates to huge cost savings for heating and cooling. What does all of this mean for you the homeowner? The home remains comfortable in all seasons. custom home builder

Mac Brown Construction, LLC has been building homes in Western North Carolina for over three decades. Swain County offers endless outdoor opportunities! It is no wonder that so many desire to build here in the Smoky Mountains!

Better Building Practices

One of the biggest issues to consider for your building project is how much do you desire to go above minimum requirements for your project. Over the years, people are shocked to learn that the building codes for the states of NC are the “bare minimum’ of what is required by law.

North Carolina uses the International Building Code for all structures in the states. One of the best ways to understand what all of this means is to cite an example of the foundation. It has been commonplace for a concrete block to build the foundations of homes all across America for a long time! The drawback is there are superior methods for strength and R-value that are minimally more expensive.  A solid poured concrete wall with rebar throughout is much stronger and can achieve R-values over R 60!

Why would anyone choose a method that cracks in settling, has a single-digit R-Value, and is not as strong, to begin with? Most folks know that a strong foundation is a key to your Dream Home to rest on. The ironic thing is it is not that much more to do it right, to begin with for a warm a comfortable dream home! Give us a call to discuss your project on our contact page.